At the beginning of the year when we welcomed new students into Journalism and Media Studies 1, we asked them “What stories will you tell?” We know that this new generation of journalists and media makers has lots to say to the world and so many stories to tell. This is also a year of marking time, looking back and forward, and it strikes us, that of everything we’ve done in the last 50 years, it is our alumni who are our most powerful contribution to the media world. The story we have told for 50 years is YOU! And in this year of celebration we want to reconnect with you and draw you back into conversation and relationship with us.

JMS at 50

In 1972, when we first became established as the Department of Journalism, there were two members of staff and 28 students. Now, half a century later, we have more than 50 staff members, 550 students and nearly 5000 alumni who’ve come through this School.

Alumni Awards

We are honouring 50 distinguished JMS alumni who have made a substantial difference to  journalism and communication as professions, to media industries and to journalism and media education.


A series of events are planned for the year – we have celebrated World Press Freedom Day (3 May), and we will celebrate SA Media Freedom Day (19 October). We will hold a colloquium for journalism educators, and the alumni awards will roll out across the year.


The most important part of our celebrations is reconnecting with our alumni – help us by signing up on the RU platform, joining our mentoring programme and donating to our fund to help students in debt. Help us develop a rounded history of the School that captures your experiences when you were here by uploading your stories and photographs.


We want to hear your stories and fond memories of being part of the JMS family while you were a student. Specifically focusing on capturing a glimpse of your experience in the department and memorable moments that JMS has given you that still stick with you today. 


We would love to hear from you, please get in touch!